Why art has never been so fashionable

Big sheet conform personalities during even bigger sheet museum events: haven’t we seen this before? We have, and maybe we should devise on saying a lot more. According to a editor of British GQ, Dylan Jones — also a member of a organizing cabinet for a VA summer celebration — a dual industries aren’t merely […]

What Dark Magic Makes This Weird Yo-Yo Work?

Yo-yo tricks are already a spectacle of physics. But Ben Conde specializes in a form of yo-yo with an disconnected string, and does things that challenge all logic. But there’s one disreputable underline that creates these contraptions work. Hidden between a halves of his yo-yo are little silicone attrition pads. These—combined with high rotational speed—grab […]

Fstoppers Writers Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes in Photography

We honour ourselves on being professionals who work ceaselessly to constantly turn improved photographers here during Fstoppers. Still though, we’re human, and sometimes, we make mistakes. Here are some of a many noted mistakes Fstoppers writers have made. Jason is a wedding photographer formed in Fayetteville, AR whose work I’ve always admired. So, it finished me feel a […]

Art Basel 2016: Why a art marketplace is in a 'hyperfast' lane

Story highlights Art Basel is an annual eventuality hold in Basel, Switzerland in June Every year thousands of collectors, artists, gallery-owners and art lovers attend It’s regarded as one of a many critical art gatherings in a world Its sister satisfactory Art Basel Miami closes a calendar year in early December So maybe it was […]

Channing Tatum Has No Plans For a Third 'Magic Mike' Movie

This is a unhappy day. We should all wear black arm bands. Or improved yet: Black swimsuit underwear. That’s a usually correct approach to weep a news that there will be no Magic Mike 3. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with a star and writer of Magic Mike, Channing Tatum, who pronounced there are no stream skeleton to make […]

Looking and Being Looked At in a New International Center of Photography

The extraneous of a new International Center of Photography during 250 Bowery (photo © Saul Metnick, pleasantness a International Center of Photography) I approaching to glance during many things during a International Center of Photography‘s (ICP) new 250 Bowery location, though my possess picture was not one of them. Many of a walls in a […]

Ford dealership steals art from indie diversion Firewatch

(Panic Inc) Tweet Share A Ford dealership in Quincy, MA spent all day being bombarded with inquiries from video diversion reporters after blatantly ripping off art from indie diversion Firewatch. The title, grown by San Francisco-based studio Campo Santo, is set in a Wyoming forest and uses a heavily stylized visible cultured pleasantness of striking engineer […]

July 4th fireworks, events in a San Gabriel Valley for 2016

Events take place on Monday, Jul 4, unless differently noted. Bring weed chairs and/or blankets for seating. In general, no dogs (except use dogs), smoking, fireworks, barbecues or ethanol are permitted. Alhambra: Festivities start during 2 p.m., including food vendors, satisfactory games and live entertainment. Picnics OK. The MVPs will perform during 7 p.m. Fireworks […]

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